Friday, January 28, 2011

school stuff and happy its Friday


this photo was taken on Tuesday, Noah’s first day to ride the bus. He has done well all week… no crying or not wanting to get on. He was 3 back in PA the last time he rode the bus to school and he mostly cried every day not wanting to get on it. My heart aches every time he gets on and they drive away with him. Some days I wonder why we send him off to school but then I remember we are trying it out and seeing how it goes and still my heart aches.

So the IEP meeting went ok. It was less than an hour. The next meeting will take place in 30 days after they do all new evaluations and get to know Noah better. I have 2 issues with his special ed teacher. I couldn’t sleep last night thinking of how to handle this. I need to find an area advocate or at least another parent to bounce my thoughts off of.

First, I know he is safe in this school. This is always first on my list (after what we dealt with before we pulled him out to homeschool). Second, they seem on the same page as me on actually teaching him and not just having him babysat.

my first issue is they have not sent him to reg ed yet. It is on his IEP from Texas and they all knew when we registered him and the principle said, after the first week of him getting used to the school then they would start him in reg ed the next week. I was fine with that. But, it has not happened yet. When I asked the sp ed teacher she said, something like, she has to work with him to get him to the point of him being able to go to reg ed.????? Then she made a comment on the second issue I have with her. That she wouldn’t know what grade to send him to since he is 9.

she brought his age up to me last week asking why was he in 2nd grade when he is 9. I thought it was a weird question and kind of pissed me off after thinking about it later. and then I started thinking is she going to try to move him up a grade because I don’t want that at all. I explained to her that he has an October birthday and that he is on target that in Texas you qualify for special prek till age 5. He turned 6 that last year in prek in Oct but still qualified since he was 5 at the start of the school year. So he is not behind, for a typical kid yes, for him NO.

Then yesterday in the meeting when I asked about him gong to reg ed and she acts like we never had this conversation and says, she wouldn’t know what grade to even send him to because of his age being 9. I mean what the heck is her problem, she obviously has some kind of issue with this. I really cant imagine why this would bother anyone? it bothered no one in Texas. I think it was mean that she did this in the meeting and just saying it at all. So, again I said, he is in 2nd grade, he has a late birthday. Has she read his school records or his IEP? both state he is in 2nd grade plain as day.

So, I will be sending a note to her on Monday that it would be in Noah’s best interest to start going to 2nd grade with his typical peers ASAP. That he has always been in reg ed and I see no reason for him to wait any longer. It is in his IEP so they must follow it so I have no idea why she thinks any different or what she wants from him before she thinks he can even go? UGH! Then I need to ask what her issue is with his age and being in 2nd grade and why she said what she said in the meeting and why she has brought it up twice. This is just not the fun part of this school stuff…. feeling like the enemy or the crazy Mom.

I will stop for now. I will update when I hear back from her.

wishing you a Happy Friday xo

Thursday, January 27, 2011

snow day


Noah had a snow day last Friday. I got all his winter gear on and well, he was not happy. He loved picking up the snow and making a ball to throw.


he wanted to go in right away. he was scared of his feet so deep in the snow.


Maybe next time he will enjoy it better?


and we even made sure he had all his winter gear to have fun in the snow. oh well!


I am off to his 30 day IEP meeting in less than an hour. I sure hope it goes well. Everyone seems nice so far but I really don’t know them well. Hope to meet some people in our area in ds community and some one who could help advocate with IEP’s. Better go get ready.

Have a lovely Thursday xo

Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Friday


my sisters drive way from last weekend.

We had another snow day today :) I was just happy I didn’t have to meet for the IEP meeting today. Yesterday was a half day due to weather. But, Noah was absent Wed. and Thursday with a bad stomach virus. Boy, was it bad. I had to clean sheets on both beds and almost every towel in this house that I could find. Poor guy was so sick. He is much better today and I am thankful.

I thought it would be a good idea to go out and play in the snow and Noah was excited. once we got outside though he freaked out from too much snow to walk in. He wouldn’t move from his spot. He had a kick throwing snow balls but that was it and wanted to come back inside. I took him in, took his snow gear off and went back out to shovel. Came back in later to find he took all his clothes off and running around the house. oh my! He is too funny. He has always loved to just be in his underwear and shirt and so he still wants to dress that way even when it is 12 degrees outside. he wont even keep on socks in the house and the floors are cold. We are so not in Texas any more, in that warm weather!

I got a few more boxes unpacked and hope to get more done but really I have a very long way to go. But, I will get there!

Have a happy Friday! xo

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

comforts of home


at least one thing is always the same…


no matter where we are at, he still loves bath time. gives him comfort in all this transition


The teacher called yesterday and left a message and we spoke at pick up. Noah is saying, NO and NO WAY to them all day and not wanting to do any work. It has only been 3 1/2 days really so I am not worried. It takes him time to adjust to get used to them. To feel comfortable with them to be able to open up. She seemed nice enough about it and I hope they are patient with him. This is a lot for a little boy to go through.

I know it will all work out and be fine but yet my heart hurts for him and I feel guilty. Guilty for him being in school and guilty I am not moving faster to get this house feeling like a home and unpack all this sea of boxes. I know, I know, it will all get done and all will work out and very soon I hope!!!

thank you for prayers for Noah and for our meeting on Friday!

Happy Wednesday xo

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Noah’s first week of school

IMG_1054a IMG_1055

Noah started his first week of school last week.  We talked about it for days and he just kept telling me “no way” every time we talked about going to school. He was fine on Monday and not one tear. Same on Tuesday. Then the snow started so he got out early and then no school on Wednesday. Thursday he had a stomach bug and back on Friday and Joel took him and he cried. sigh…

This morning he was not happy to go. It kills me because I just want to make this boy happy. We shall see how it goes the rest of the week.

It’s a small school and really nice. Everyone seems nice so far and seem good to Noah. We have a 30 IEP meeting set up for Friday. Since I don’t know anyone here yet I will be going alone…another sigh! praying for it all to be a good and a good place for my sweet Noah.

I think all these changes have been hard on him and he shows it by being a little more upset about things. I'm sure he misses everyone back home. and it doesn’t help that I am no where near finished unpacking. I'm at the point of looking at all these boxes and wanting to just throw them all away and start fresh lol

Happy Tuesday! xo

Friday, January 14, 2011

The ONEder Fund

I cried my eyes out last year when I read Nella's birth story and I cry today watching this video and all that beautiful Nella has brought to our Down syndrome world. If you are able to give please support our beautiful children.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year 2011


wishing everyone a very happy new year full of blessings!!!

I am still surrounded in boxes. I gave up for a few days. meant to get back to unpacking today but I got on the computer instead. Have not took Noah to school yet. We both came down with a stomach virus Monday and he still doesn’t seem all that well. I think maybe we will take him tomorrow?

my Dad and brother left yesterday to go back home to Texas. I was happy to have them here. my heart broke all over again with them leaving taking the little bit of home I had here. Today, Noah said, “their gone”, “Eddie, Grandpa gone”. It just hit me right in the heart!

It doesn’t feel at home here yet. Maybe it is the sea of  boxes we have and that we can not find anything? Maybe it’s the cold weather? or the shared wall that we have living in this duplex? I miss our old house, my family, our routine, Coco, the food, the familiar. Noah asks for tacos, beans, rice, bean and cheese tacos every single day. LOL no Tex- Mex around here.

It will get better. I will feel better. we will build a new routine. we will make this house our home and comfortable. we are together and that is all that matters.

home is where our hearts are!!!