Wednesday, January 19, 2011

comforts of home


at least one thing is always the same…


no matter where we are at, he still loves bath time. gives him comfort in all this transition


The teacher called yesterday and left a message and we spoke at pick up. Noah is saying, NO and NO WAY to them all day and not wanting to do any work. It has only been 3 1/2 days really so I am not worried. It takes him time to adjust to get used to them. To feel comfortable with them to be able to open up. She seemed nice enough about it and I hope they are patient with him. This is a lot for a little boy to go through.

I know it will all work out and be fine but yet my heart hurts for him and I feel guilty. Guilty for him being in school and guilty I am not moving faster to get this house feeling like a home and unpack all this sea of boxes. I know, I know, it will all get done and all will work out and very soon I hope!!!

thank you for prayers for Noah and for our meeting on Friday!

Happy Wednesday xo


Jenny said...

I feel so bad for him that he's not enjoying school. You are doing the best you can, Beverly. Transitions are so hard on kids.

Jamie said...

Moving is tough.
Change is tough.
Hang in there, Momma.

Debbie said...

poor, sweet boy! I know how you feel. It's so stressful....moving. I think I worried about it more and thought it would be tough on JEB, but he handled it all like a trooper!! Things will get easier as he gets more familiar. Get plugged into a church, so you can meet other people. You need to have an "un-packing" party!!

MaryAnne said...

I hope he feels more adjusted soon! We'll keep you in our prayers, and hope you have a good meeting on Friday!

Territory Mom said...

When my son was in school I would give him a bath after school, it was so relaxing for him and me. I think you should meet this mommy:
Have a great weekend.