Tuesday, February 8, 2011

dealing with the move so far

there are still only a few things for Noah to play with around here

 things he got for Christmas and what we brought in the car from Texas for him to play with

I'm so bad. I have yet to finish unpacking this house and Noah's room included. I have no idea what is the matter with me. I finally just last night unpacked 6 boxes in the kitchen that were blocking the back door. and yet, still no silverware and other things we need. I really wish I could snap my fingers or blink or twitch my nose and it would all be done! I  really, really do. It doesn't help that I pulled something in my lower back two weeks ago and it is killing me. The pain will shoot down my leg as well. I know I should go to the doctor but I hate going to the doctor.sigh...

I think all this new and being thrown right into cold weather from warm weather and missing my family so much ( I miss my Mommy) and dealing with the new school and new issues, and on and on. Well, its a little too much to take. I have moved so much in my life but this move is different some how and has me so down. ugh! I hate saying that! but, it is true. This is such a rare feeling for me to deal with, so I hope it will just go away and soon.

I will snap out of this funk soon...I hope!

Now I am off to deal with the IEP draft that came in Noah's back pack today. dealing with IEP's send me over the edge for weeks. I didn't care for what I saw on it and need to make comments to send back tomorrow. The meeting is Thursday.

ok happy Tuesday xo


Colleen said...

I had that same feeling when we moved here to Ca. from England. I was very very depressed. It took me a good 6 months or so to get out of such a funk. I remember Dale was really getting worried about me. Moving is never easy!
I'm sure you will feel better once all of your things are unpacked and in place. Take one box at a time. You'll get there!!!!:)

Rochelle said...

So sorry about your funk, the IEP junk and your back. Praying for your peace, happiness and protection.

Jenny said...

I'm sorry you are bumming right now. Maybe it's the time of year you moved too. From a nice climate to freezing cold! That would be depressing for anyone.

I hope you back feels better soon and you can start feeling like yourself again!