Thursday, February 3, 2011

ice, ice and more ice


The ice started falling Monday night


we woke to everything covered in ice


no school Tuesday


no school Wednesday


no school Thursday and now a 2 hour delay for Friday.

stuck in the house is no fun for this many days. Joel had 2 days off but went back today. I think over the weekend we are getting more snow? you cant even walk outside our door or you will slide down the drive way. lol

I sure miss Texas right about now… home sweet home…sigh!


Jenny said...

I bet you are missing Texas! We've had ice here too. 3" on Tuesday night. The schools were off Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. They are back on tomorrow, so we'll venture out to the mall and it won't be crowded :)

Anonymous said...

I heard Texas is getting a few inches of snow themselves!!! WELCOME TO OHIO!!! :)

Colleen said...

Texas has the same as you right now! Don't worry....I'm sure you won't miss those 100 degree temps! Or do they get those in Ohio too?
Hope the weather starts clearing for you soon!