Saturday, February 26, 2011

photo last month before his hair cut.

I have no idea how to even start to write about what happened last Thursday!? So, much has gone on at school mainly with the special ed teacher. but, the speech therapist is her side kick and they play off each other. This is the 5th school since he was 2 and never have we had a crazy teacher like this, never. NEVER! We have had issues with the two schools in Texas but never were the teachers nuts or mean. They truly were good to Noah and I trusted them with his care.

I have no words for this teacher here but that she is CRAZY. A nut job! unsympathetic. evil. mean.uncaring. full of herself. And does not belong in a classroom much less a class of special ed students.

she called 4 times on my cell phone Thursday before we finally spoke. Her voice was angry and strange. first she said she was upset the way I filled out a paper they asked me to fill out. That I had put Noah was well behaved, sweet, kind and that he was not and she put the total opposite and I was not being truthful. She went on to say, he was the worse kid she has ever had in 10 years of teaching. and that she has had ds kids before and none ever like him. she said, he was mean, disrespectful, yelled, kicked, pushed them away, pinched, hit the staff and children. she was ranting on and on making no sense to me. accusing me of saying she didn't know how to teach a child with ds. saying, she called the teacher in Texas and she told her Noah did the same things. when I said, I was shocked because has never acted this way, she went on a sarcastic fit saying oh, yeah, its all me, all me, all my fault, I have no idea what I am doing. the last thing she started to say was that she had a 15 year old girl severely disabled like Noah. I cut her off and said, I didn't want to hear her business and said, we should hang up and I would be calling some one to help me with this.

I asked when these behaviors started and she said, day one. i asked why she never said anything and she said, she was giving him time. I asked how he was disrespectful, no answer. I told her Texas school never ever said, he kicked, hit, pushed, pinched  or yelled and she then said, oh well no but he told them no and no way and wouldn't do his work. I told her I never said to her or any one at the school that she didn't know how to teach a child with ds. she asked me for help on how to work with Noah and I asked her if she ever read the books on how to teach math, reading, communication skills and so on for children with ds and ds teaching web sites and that is all I ever did. and she said, well you might as well have said I didn't know how to teach him. I asked her why my opinion of my child would make her so mad and she said, because I was not telling the truth. Her claim is I wouldn't know how Noah reacts with kids because he has never been around them with his lack of formal education. I told her he went to public school from 2- 6 before we pulled him to hs him and he went back at 8. and, he has always went to Catholic Sunday school, gymnastics, swimming, baseball, music therapy surrounded by kids and one of 20 cousins and she doesn't know what she is talking about.

this woman in a nut case. He has been in school for 6 weeks minus all the snow days and sick days he has had. I would say maybe she has had him for 3 weeks tops. my blood went cold and i felt so ill. She hates him and I mean hates him. you don't say those things about a child and like them even a small bit. something is so wrong with this woman. oh, and she called him severely disabled? what does that mean? how is she a special ed teacher? lying about the school in Texas. all she has done is lie.

I hung up on her and called the principle. told her everything that the crazy said. asked her if this was retaliation because I got an advocate and she said, she hopes not. I told her that the teacher has lied to me several times and no one in the IEP meetings will help me or answer my questions and they are being bullies and get angry when I ask questions or don't agree with them. like when the teacher thought it best for Noah to go to kindergarten class instead of 2nd grade. or when she said 2nd grade didn't have science and social studies and in fact they do every day. oh but, Noah cant go because then she would have to change her lunch time is what finally came out at the last IEP meeting. I told her how the speech therapist and teacher work like a tag team and try to bully me. and how the teacher yelled at me that the speech therapist has a masters degree when I was asking for Noah to have an assistive technology assessment done and the speech therapist kept telling me no. so, I got an advocate. The principle said this was news to hear because everyone says how sweet and nice Noah is. she was happy I got an advocate. she said, she was going to go talk to the staff and set up a meeting for us all to talk about this.

Joel and I are sick about this. Noah is not going back to that room with that woman. Joel wants me to homeschool. I will if I have to and maybe that has been Gods plan all along for us, for Noah for me to homeschool him. him to be home, safe, loved, free to be him. But, if we pull him now... again... I will never put him back in another school again. this would be it for public school for us. I cant do this and go through all this again and again. I want what is best for Noah. He deserves a good school, a good teacher, good staff, a good education in a safe environment. He is an angel. he is sweet, kind, loving, shy. we have never heard him yell. scream and cry when he gets a hair cut or poked at the drs office yes. but, yell, never. kick, push, pinch, hit... never. sounds to me like he is defending himself if this is even true. We have had 3 IEP meetings, a note book that goes back and forth every day, talked on the phone and in person and never was this said. she has kindergarten class go into her room and why would you bring little kids in if you have a child that my harm them? I know she is lying and doing this because she got in trouble from what I told the advocate. The speech therapist never has wrote in the note book and Thursday she writes in it for the first time and two pages full. saying how bad Noah was the last two days, he says, no, no way, puts his head down. wont do work. and that they have found he doesn't do well with a nice voice but does better with a loud stern voice but not always. ??? so they are yelling at him being mean? how do they work there? with special ed kids? how do we get these people? they have been told he doesn't like loud noise, he is shy, he will shut down if  you get in his face. what are they doing to him? i am just sick over what have they done!

The advocate said to keep him home for now. she is calling the district as this is way over the principle and school now. I felt so much better after talking with her.

we don't want him around that teacher or speech therapist ever again. we want a new school. this is our plan for now. if they say no or the new school is more of the same then we are done. Noah's well being and that he is being treated right is most important.

so, so sorry for this long post. I could really go on more about what the nut said and has done and what others have said and done. but, the post would be oh so much longer. if you have read this far thanks and I'm sorry for the long post. :) know that we are all good here. we are praying for what is right and just and for Noah to be treated good by everyone and for Joel and I to have the knowledge to know what to do best for us and for Noah.
 thank you always for your prayers xoxo


Rochelle said...

Oh No! This is heartbreaking. I am so sorry, I was so praying that the new school would be fantastic for him.
Don't lose hope though maybe they will come up with a better plan, a better placement for him that he will be with someone who is caring and will help him grow and as you say if not then he has the best teacher ever right at home with you.
Many prayers coming your way.

As a former sped teacher and principal this breaks my heart but, I know so many teachers are wonderful but unfortunately not every teacher is...

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry! :( You are the one who knows you child best & I'm so glad you got an advocate and that this woman was foolish enough to make her issues very clear so that you would be aware of this issue and not have your sweet Noah around her.

I hope things get better!

Erin said...

I am so sorry Beverly! It's so heartbreaking to read this post. I think that you shouldn't let him anywhere near that school again. I am praying that you can find a better school for Noah. Hugs!

Jenny said...

Beverly, this is just awful. I am disgusted that someone would treat any child or parent, for that matter, like this. This is completely unacceptable and I'm glad you got an advocate.

How is this lady a teacher? Especially a special ed teacher? Sickening!

I'm praying for you and Noah.

heathermommie said...

Hello, I am new to your blog. Jenny (above) is my sister.
#1. I will keep you in my prayers.
My son celebrated his 3rd birthday before he ever said a word. I heard all kinds of ridiculous advice and commentary about his future and to be honest, it completely stressed me out! Your situation is much more complicated, and I am very upset to hear about a teacher treating a small child this way!!
#2. I just felt compelled to tell you that after public preschool with all their "helpful commentary", meeting the kindergarten teacher, and trying a private kindergarten, we are happy homeschoolers. (And this is all without the terrible circumstances that you have had to weather.)
I just want to tell you that if you feel like you should pull him and teach him at home-you follow your heart! YOU know your child better than ANY other person. You WANT your child to succeed. I certainly cannot say that about all schools!
Stay strong-you are doing everything you can!

Debbie said...

Oh my word!! I can't even believe how awful for you!! I'm with you....keep him home for now. There most certainly has to be a better teacher, in a different school somewhere in the same school district. I will be praying it will all get resolved quickly and to your satisfaction. I have been fortunate with JEB's schools. Alabama was great and moving to GA went just fine. I loved his first teacher and adore the one he has now. In fact, he's spoiled rotten in his class now. He's the only little white boy in a class of 10. They dote on him! He loves it!! Keep us posted, for sure!!

Ria said...

Hi Beverly! I saw your fb status about this and I'm just now catching up on your blog and finally got to read this post. Oh my!! That teacher is BAD NEWS!! I feel like kicking her for you and Noah. Grrrr!!

Hugs to you and Noah!