Monday, February 7, 2011

the weekend

I still love those sweet little feet!

Saturday night we went to mass at a different church. it was OK but think we will go back to the one near us next week. Hard leaving a church behind that you loved and finding a new one that feels comfortable.  

Sunday, Noah and I both got our hair cut. he screamed and cried like always. Joel said, he felt like he ran 6 miles when it was all done. lol I was getting my hair cut while the screaming was going on so I couldn't help. when I put on my glasses after the stylist was done...yikes! good thing I am not one of those girls who cry over hair. my hair grows fast so I just go with it. But, I did want to hide and laugh! she made me look just like her and all the other stylist in the place with short puffy hair with lots of hair spray. Joel took one look at me and laughed then said, oh, it doesn't look that bad. lol

when we got home. I put Noah in the bath to get all the hair off him and relax in the warm water. When I was dressing him after. he touched my hair and called me princess. Oh, my I laughed and then called Joel upstairs to hear it again. He must think my big puffy hair looks like a princess? I love this boy!

Happy Monday xo

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Jenny said...

I had to LOL about your hair. That has happened to me before. One time my Mom actually told the stylist specifically not to do her hair like all of the girls in the place. LOL!

I just got mine cut on Friday and it's not what I asked for at all. She made my hair look just like Abby's. That's fine, Abby's hair is cute, but not what I wanted.