Wednesday, March 30, 2011

moments to enjoy

loving the sun on his face

stepping in puddles and seeing his reflection in the water

fun games in the car


Monday, March 28, 2011


If he is not busy doing something he wants his ipad. He loves that thing. Joel and I rarely get to use it. It has all his game and learning apps on it and some movies. He loves to watch the old Mickey Mouse shows on Utube. He laughs his head off and loves them more if they are in spanish. He also loves to watch the Wiggles and Teletubbies and what ever else he finds like Scooby Doo and Tom and Jerry. It's fun to watch him navigate and find what he wants to see or play. Since he still can not naviagte the mouse on the computer the ipad has been wonderful for him to explore and learn and have lots of fun. We so love it for him.

Happy Monday on this cold morning. I look so forward to summer :)


Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Friday

We are off to go explore for a few hours. Maybe to the craft store and to the library. Later tonight going to Stations of the Cross at church and dinner after. The weather has turned cold again back to the 30's ...sigh.

Oh, I received the letter back from the county that we have the ok to homeschool this year. I was so happy to read that letter. I felt like a ton of stress fell off my shoulders.

Happy Friday xoxo

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

some new toys

we went shopping last week and he picked out these new little animals

he loves animals of all sizes

He picked out a few deer

and then he saw the lions and tigers. He thought he could have 3 of each. He got only 1 of each. These guys keep him busy in the house and in the car and he loves them and I love seeing them in his little hands.

Happy Wednesday xo

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Picture Inspiration weeks 1-4

Taking another class over at big picture classes with Tracey Clark. 52 weeks of Picture Inspiration. These are the first 4 weeks of photos. I enjoy taking these classes and have learned a lot about my self and photography and have met a lot of wonderful woman who enjoy the same things that I do.

Big Picture Classes

Monday, March 21, 2011

3/21 World Down Syndrome Day

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!!!!

We are celebrating Noah and all his friends around the world today. We are thankful for the life we are blessed to have with Noah. Thankful for all the wonderful people we have met along the way. Thankful for the families before us who have made our life easier. Thankful to those who care, love and accept and make the world a better place for Noah and his friends. Thankful for each and every day we get to laugh, love and live with our sweet Noah.


World Down Syndrome Day

Friday, March 18, 2011

Finally Spring weather

we enjoyed time outside yesterday. walked over to one of the play grounds and had some fun.

no kids around but he still had fun. It was just so nice to have some beautiful weather.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend xo

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

camera love

he loves to pretend he is taking pictures

he finds this camera to be a lot of fun

I think I need to get him a little camera and soon

hope your day is wonderful xo

Monday, March 14, 2011

weekend fun


last weekend while I was busy with my sister in the house I came outside to find Noah riding this thing


my BIL has been wanting to take him riding on the kids 4 wheeler. Noah loved it and had a great time.


I never would have let him on that thing but seeing how much he loved it I am happy he did.

Happy Monday xo

Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Friday

We have such an great end to the week! This sweet boy gets to stay home and be homeschooled. He has been happy being home these few weeks and so have I. amazing how things work out just as they are to be.
I love him to the moon!

Happy Friday xoxo

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Our homeschooling journey begins again. after weeks of heart ache I feel at such peace. I know this is the right thing to do. I forgot how freeing and amazing this path is and let our move here to Ohio scare me into putting him back into ps for the last few months. What we experienced these last weeks should never happen or be allowed to happen to any parent or child and especially one with special needs who can not go home and talk about the happenings at school. I sent off our letters of intent to hs to all the people we needed to and I have to say I felt such peace come over me. Praying that they allow us to do so. The wait for the ok will be long!

We met Monday with the 3 people from the school instead of the usual 20 or so. They did not want to address the teachers actions and accusations against Noah. Their offer was to move him to one of two schools and we could visit one tomorrow and one next Monay ( guess they are in no hurry to get him back in school). They said, they have never had a problem with this teacher and everyone loves her. The advocate said, well this has happened now, there is a problem now. So, she gets to stay in the classroom and they want to move a little boy who just moved to a new school? How is that right? They said, all kind of stupid stuff. Like, if we wanted him to be fully included in general ed, he would not have an aide and he could go to kindergarten parts of the day instead of 2nd grade. ??? They are out of their minds! I was sure to point out the laws and that they could not say these things with out an IEP meeting.

So with these things in mind and knowing these people are crazy and will be overseeing Noah at one of the new schools and the teachers poison following Noah there, we know it is best to pull him and hs him. Why fight them and keep Noah with these people who care more about a fellow teacher keeping her job than a little boy who needs what is right to be done and for all the other kids in her care? No thanks! I fight till a certain point and then I am done when I see what and who I am dealing with. If you can not trust them then how do you trust them to care for your child and do what is right by him? How do they all sleep at night?

Thank you everyone who prayed for us. We are at such peace over this and life is good! xoxoxo

Thursday, March 3, 2011


busy with getting ready for the school meeting next Monday. I cant wait to get it over with and at the same time wish the day away. I want rid of this ill feeling in my stomach that I have had since that phone call last Thursday. My mind races with all these thoughts and words said by her and its enough to break me at some moments. I just want what is right to happen to those who have done wrong. I want what is right for Noah.
In these times I miss my family back home. I so wish we were there with them. To have their love and comfort and their arms around us.
Thank you for your kind words and emails. They have helped me so much. I know that prayer works and it makes me feel so good to have your prayers.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011