Monday, April 18, 2011

The Easter Bunny

 on our way to see the Easter Bunny. he was happy until I pulled the camera out lol
 we played on the play ground and sat by the pond after seeing the bunny.

 I just thought this was a cool picture of Noah

He was the first one to see the bunny and he was very shy. he wouldnt even look at me. lol

He had a good time after with the other kids and we had lunch out so it was a good day.

Joel got home on Friday night and Noah was so happy to see him walking towards the car. We are happy to have him home. The weather has gone back to cold again and we are waiting for the warm weather...sigh.

Hope to take Noah to get his hair cut today. We have tried the last few days and he is not in the mood to go.

Happy Monday hope everyone has a great week xo


Jenny said...

Great pics! I like Noah's top. It's hard to find cute boy clothes for my nephew.

I'm so glad Joel is home! Hopefully the weather will warm up for you all.

MaryAnne said...

I also love Noah's top! That reflection photo is really neat.

How wonderful to have Joel home! Here's hoping we ALL get spring weather, soon!

Beverly said...


I think its a GAP shirt