Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter 1

we colored the eggs on Saturday and went to Mass later that night.
Easter 2

Noah woke to his Easter basket filled with goodies.
Easter 3

my sister Margie got Noah his cute sock Monkey basket and he loves it
Easter 4

He was so ready to go to my sisters house to see the cousins.
Easter 5

again thanks to my sister Margie for sending us some cascarones (confetti filled eggs) the kids had a blast cracking them on everyone. And, wow, we were surprised when we walked in my sister Barbara's house and find my Mom sitting there :) Noah was so happy and I let out a scream. I'm so happy to have my Mom here for a visit. They wanted to surprise us and we were. We had a great day with everyone. :)
Easter 6

my niece and nephews kids and Noah had a good time hunting eggs. Noah cried when it was time for them all to go home. He loves being with my niece's kids. It breaks my heart when he cries for them. But, we all had a great time and so happy that my Mom is here with us visiting for a while. Makes me feel less home sick.
Happy Monday xo


MaryAnne said...

What a lovely Easter.

Hooray for family!

Debbie said...

what a wonderful surprise for you guys!!! It's so good to see Noah enjoy all the activities.

JEB gets upset when he has friends over to play and they go home.

Glad you get to visit with your mom for a bit!!

Erin said...

Love these pictures! Looks like a wonderful Easter!