Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy first day of April

these are growing in the back yard already even with the cold weather and the snow we had the other day. We are waiting, waiting for spring. I hope it comes very, very soon. The sun is out today so that is wonderful.

Joel leaves on Monday for two weeks...sigh. He has duty back home. He gets to be in the warm weather and spend time with the family and eat great Mexican food and well... just gets to be home. Noah and I will be busy here with school and trying not to be bored :) Maybe I will finally get some more unpacking done and move rooms around and get rid of a bunch of stuff taking up space. I so need to get a school room set up again and a small space for it in the dinning area as well, for messy things like painting.

Have a great weekend xoxo


Colleen said...

Happy April!!! Awwww, you and Noah should take a break and go with Joel! It is finally starting to feel like Spring here! Actually more like summer....the kids were in the pool yesterday! Spring break starts in a week and were planning a trip to Disneyland. Very excited!!
Have a great week-end!!!

MaryAnne said...

It snowed so much at our house, they cancelled school today! Luckily we're visiting family in Las Vegas, where it is warm. Your dandelion photo is beautiful.

It's too bad you can't go on leave with Joel. I hope you and Noah do some fun things while he is gone - and that the weather warms up for all of us!