Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Wednesday

spring rain

oh, the rain just wont leave. might as well make the best of it with some rain pictures :)

Having a great time with my Mom so far. She is spending her time between my sister and with us. It is just so nice to have her here and just sitting and talking. We had a good laugh at all the unpacking I have not done. Noah is happy. We all are happy. I wonder all the time what he must think happened to everyone back home and why he doesn't see them. So having my Mom here is wonderful for him. He was dancing for her yesterday just like old times. And, hearing her talk to him in Spanish makes me feel at home in my heart :)

Happy Wednesday xo


MaryAnne said...

That is a beautiful rain photo! Time with family is wonderful - and so very precious. I hope you enjoy the rest of your visit with your mom!

danette said...

LOVE the photo!

Sounds like a fun visit, glad everyone is having a good time :).

Anonymous said...

this is abs gorgeous! and your blog is simply lovely too.

hope you don't mind but I posted this photo on my blog here:

beth x