Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Picture Inspiration

picture inspiration

For Picture Inspiration week 5-8
week 5. infinity and beyond - a parking garage down town Dayton
week6. seeing double - running my hand on the table
week 7. the shape of surprise - base housing reflected in a little pond
week 8. totally random - looking up from the side of the road at a chili's parking lot

I really enjoy the photo prompts each week. Gives me something to look forward to finding something to shoot.

Happy Wednesday xoxo


MaryAnne said...

Love the perspective in these photos!

Caroline said...

Such a wonderful collection...very calming.

Beverly said...

thank you xo

Jenny said...

These are cool!

SuperDewa said...

These are all wonderful! I love the soft colors. They go together beautifully.

Do you use templates or a specific program for your blog boards? I found a few templates on the coffeeshop blog but I could use some more -- I'd love to know what you do.