Thursday, April 28, 2011

play doh letters

 He loves rolling the play doh. then we place it on the letter A I wrote on the paper.

 He is very careful and wants it to be just so.

 we rolled out two long and one short

 He loves to finish making the letters

After he cuts the play doh. This is his favorite part.

Noah has really low muscle tone which makes it hard for him to do a bunch of things most people find very easy to do. He has worked really hard at doing almost everything. Joel and I are proud of every thing he does and all his hard work. He tends to not like to do those things that are hard for him ( who does) but we make it fun and we keep at it at his pace. The goal to make everything fun, fun, fun!

Happy Thursday xo


Erin said...

Very cool idea and you can tell he is enjoying himself!

Jenny said...

What a great idea! He looks like he's loving it!

MaryAnne said...

Looks like he's doing great! I agree with Noah, cutting play doh is fun!

Brandie said...

Great work, Noah! Playdough is still very hard for Goldie, but when I see things like this I'm reminded that we will get there someday. Thanks!

danette said...

How fun, he did great on the letter A! I kwym about trying to make the things that are hard extra fun to keep the motivation up, we have to do the same thing.

How cool about cutting the play-doh, seems like that might actually be good hand exercise because of the resistance from the play-doh :).