Sunday, May 15, 2011

still here

We are still around. Just been busy with my Mom still here. Have not had a chance to get on the computer since she has been visiting with us. We are having a good time, getting out and about everyday. We got lost yesterday trying to find a  place and we had a good time laughing about it. We finally found our way and made it back home safely. 
I am just so happy that we have warmer weather. I have worn flip flops the last two days and it is wonderful. I hope to get to the computer more often while Mom is here but if not I will be back soon. 
Hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday xoxo

the photo was taken with my iPhone and I am newly addicted to instagram...sigh. let me know if you are on instagram so I can find you there :)


Jenny said...

I am so glad your Mom is with you! It's not only warmer here, but HOT! I would have liked more of a Spring. Oh well. LOL!

Brenda said...

Great to hear all is well and you are enjoying your mom's visit! Life gets busier with the warmer weather - wish the allergens would disappear! Love Brenda

Caroline said...

I am still here too my friend. Been such a busy Spring. And don't worry...I am not going anywhere! xo