Friday, June 17, 2011

from where I stand...heart ache

from where I stand

Me and Mom
a few weeks ago

from where I stand...sisters

Margie and me yesterday
before they got on the plane back home to San Antonio

My heart feels sad. The house feels lonely.
I need to keep busy. I have tons to do anyway.
We will see everyone soon I hope.
I hope to be able to go home soon and visit.
Mom and Margie got home just fine around midnight.
Everyone is happy to have them home again.
So happy my Mom was here for the two months!

Have a great weekend!!!
Happy Friday xoxo


MaryAnne said...

Leaving family is always hard =(

Anonymous said...

this is so amazing, what a clever idea!

your toenails are an awesome colour by the way.

Erin said...

It's always hard to see family go. I just how you feel, I always cry when my brother and family leave after a visit. Love the pics.

Debbie said...

I know it's a sad time getting used to them being gone, but I am soooo glad you had a while to visit with them!! What fun you had!!

Jenny said...

I'm so sorry your family is gone :( I hope you get to see them again soon.

Rochelle said...

So sorry your heart is hurting! Great photos as always!

Monica said...

Goodbyes are always hard. So glad you had a wonderful visit. Love the photos :-)