Wednesday, June 29, 2011


birds on lines

Joel left for California today. He will only be gone for two days.
I am already bored.
We are headed out the door to go do something. Not sure what yet?
All I know is I have to get out of this house.
If I hear "There's a party in my tummy" (from yo gaba gaba) one more time I may go mad. lol
here's the link in case you never heard it Party in my tummy
Noah plays it over and over on his iPad.
Joel thinks it is funny.

Happy Wednesday xoxo


MaryAnne said...

My kids are with Noah - they LOVE "Party in my tummy"!

And now I have it stuck in MY head, too! =)

Jenny said...

LOL, I am so glad Abby doesn't like Yo Gabba Gabba anymore. Man it drove me nuts!

I hope you found something fun to do!

Kelly said...

I'm not EVEn gonna go listen to wanna know why? You know when you hear the last song of the day and it gets stuck in your head???? I don't want this to be stuck in my head!!