Monday, August 29, 2011

Friday at the fair

 Noah was so excited to go to the park and see the fair.
 He road on the crazy bus and the dragon ride

when he saw Haley's comet he freaked out and kept asking to go home...sigh
 He didn't even want to ride the pony.
 all he wanted to do was go home
so after about 25 minutes we left the fair lol
He wanted to take a quick run around the field first.
and I found a heart in the grass while waiting :)

Happy Monday xoxo


MaryAnne said...

I love the heart! Too bad he got scared and couldn't enjoy the rest of the fair.

Jenny said...

Cute heart pic. I love the vintage look of these.

So sad for Noah to be scared, but I'm glad he was able to have a little fun first.

Kelly said...

what a little charmer in the grass for you!!!
great shots Bev.

suelmayer said...

Love, love all the pictures and the last one is very creative. It is a bummer when you plan what you think will be a perfect day and our guys decide otherwise. He still look like he had fun though!

rach. said...

our fair is starting soon too! it should be as fun as this one! :)

love, rach.