Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Monday

It sure has been hot here. feels so much like being back in Texas.
Noah does not do well in the heat. So we try to keep inside or
go out when the sun is down. He is always hot even in winter :)

Hope to go to a Fair on Thursday. I want to get some photos and Noah
have fun on the rides and have a good time. I so do not want summer to end!

Happy Monday xoxo


Jenny said...

I hope it cools down soon for you. It's been super hot here as well. Isn't it gross?!

That is a cute picture!

Kelly said...

and i'm ready for it TO End! I love being able to be outdoors but when it's sucks the life right out of me...i'm with Noah!
hes' too cute Bev.

Colleen said...

We have been very fortunate here in Ca this summer with very cool temps...I am kind of missing those HOT temps! lol Before ya know it it will be fall! Enjoy the rest of your summer!!! xoxo