Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Noah the runner

I just love this photo of Noah. He melts my heart!
He loves running just like Joel.
and I love the faces he makes while running.
he is too funny!
He is such a perfect boy
I and I love him to the moon

Happy Wednesday xoxo


{Amy} said...

always smiling...what a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

he looks so happy! he's really growing up, too! x

ramz and the flock

Jenny said...

So fun!

Kelly said...

I"m in LOVE with these photos!! You're right...the faces he is making are priceless! And who doesn't love Paul Frank????

MaryAnne said...

He looks so happy!

Debbie said...

he's getting tall! JEB is growing like a weed too!

How did you ever get him to keep on his glasses??? I have the hardest time with JEB! He will only wear them for about an hour and then off they come!

Amy Lynne Lassiter said...

These are so wonderful and happy! Amazing photos. Lovely work. :)

georgia b. said...

great collage! i love that t-shirt. i have paul frank boots for my boy. can't wait 'til he is old enough to wear them.