Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Fall

Noah and I went to Kroger yesterday and we took some photos.
I wanted him to sit on the huge pumpkins they had but he didn't want too. :)
I look forward to fall this year to see and enjoy all the fall colors and weather.
It has been 7 years since we spent our last fall in Pennsylvania.
I loved fall so much there, it was my favorite season.

Lots of rain here today.
We will just spend the day inside.
Noah dancing and singing and me taking photos.
We are having fun so far :)

Happy Friday and Happy Fall xoxo


Kelly said...

do you get in trouble for taking photos inside the grocery stores here? Trader Joes especially! SO glad it's the 1st day of fall..even though it's hotter than sin here.

Beverly said...

lol this was out side on the side walk. I would die if some one today me something lol

Jenny said...

Fun fall pics! I love Fall too, it's so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Your photos improved my opinion of fall though I'm still a spring/summer person, :)