Wednesday, September 28, 2011

running at the sunflower field

You can not see but he had hold of the iPhone and did not care to be at the sunflower field.

Then I told him he could run and he got all happy.
Running is his favorite thing to do.

He must bend over for the "get ready, set, go".
He is too cute.
Off he goes.

He ran back and forth over and over.

He makes me happy!

Then he got tired.
He does this when he wants to go home.
Or when he wants out of doing something.
Or from answering a question.
Hand goes on head and he says, "I'm sick", or "head hurts", and "go home".

So home we went. :)

Hope your Wednesday was great xo


Caroline said...

How precious. I can see why he makes you so happy! Happy Wednesday to you too!

Jenny said...

He is so cute! You take such great pics, Beverly. They really tell a story!

Erin said...

Love this series of photos of your beautiful Noah! Love the edits too!

Kelly said...

These just make me smile from ear to ear Beverly. beautiful little story boards of a sweet little boy.

Beth Simmons said...

I love this post! It made me smile too :) Thanks for sharing this special time and these great photos.