Sunday, October 16, 2011

Birthday party - day 16

Saturday was such a nice day.
Noah and I made his cake.
We went to mass.
Had a party at my sisters house.
Noah loves to see all the cousins.
He got a bit overwhelmed at dinner and before the cake.
But, once the happy birthday song started he was so happy.
He loved opening his gifts too.
Poor guy was so tired by the time we got home.
It was a great day to celebrate my sweet boy.
Makes me so happy that my sister and her kids and their kids love him so much!

Happy Sunday xo


{Amy} said...

happy birthday noah, sounds like a great day!!

MaryAnne said...

Family parties are the best ways to celebrate birthdays! Glad Noah enjoyed his day =)

Jenny said...

That's great that the cousins were there. What a nice party!

Kelly said...

What a great day to celebrate!!! Yeah Noah!