Wednesday, October 12, 2011

dreaming of hippotherapy - day 12

the white horse

We visit this sweet guy when we go see my sister.
Noah loves visiting with horses and riding them.
When we lived in Texas we would take Noah in the cooler months
to ride horses on the base and he so loved it.
I wish we could afford hippotherapy for Noah.
He would so love it and benefit greatly from it.
There are free programs where we lived in Pennsylvania but
the ones in Texas were crazy expensive. Have not found anything
near us here in Ohio yet. I hope to find something and free would be great!

Happy Wednesday xo


MaryAnne said...

I hope you do find something! Hippotherapy would be wonderful for him!

Jenny said...

That would be awesome! I hope you find a program!

Kelly said...

My goal one day is to be able to take a good photo of a this!