Thursday, October 13, 2011

frome where I stand - day 13

These were taken over the weekend.
I have to laugh because the chickens were in love with my red toes nails.
They kept pecking me :)

I still have this crazy cough. I may need to go to the Dr. I just hate going to the Dr!

Our mornings have been crazy the last two weeks.
I slipped and didn't give Noah his vitamins for what seems like months.
So we started them back up again two weeks ago.
He is fighting every drop of liquid and pill form...its a fight.
After I am exhausted and drained.
Oh the drama!

He took them fine before.He didn't like it but he took it and no fight.
So this is new.
I have cleaned up more spit out than I care to.
The good news is he can now swallow a pill!
Everything has to be in liquid form for him to take, everything or a spray.
He took one chew of a chewable fish oil and had a fit and now he swallows it.
So, I guess this is all a good thing to happen just to know that he can swallow a pill.
I'm so proud of him.

It really is hard to see my little guy so upset and crying.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that next week will be much better and the drama will be over!
I have faith!

Happy Thursday xo



Caroline said...

Oh that is never easy. My kids still can't swallow pills and they hate any type of liquid medicine. I know your pain. Hope the drama is behind you now! :)

Lovely photo collage!!!

Caroline said...

Ha! Just noticed that your feet are in every shot! Too cute!

Jenny said...

LOL about the chickens!

I'm so proud of Noah for swallowing pills. That is hard to learn. We struggled with Abby for a few weeks. She finally figured out that she can swallow a pill if she chews some food first, then puts it in her mouth and swallows. She can't just swallow the pill with water.

Miss Cortni said...

I'm always afraid to go out into the chicken yard in flip flops - those beaks are sharp!

- <3

{Amy} said...

ohhhh the drama. it is really hard to see them upset. sometimes i feel like throwing a bit of a fit and spitting medicine out myself...especially the nasty cough medicine i had to take for 2 weeks...yuck.
love all your feet shots and too funny about the chickens : )

MaryAnne said...

Here's hoping next week is a better one for you! I hope your cough goes away soon!