Saturday, October 29, 2011

Getting Halloween ready - day 29

taken at Sam's Club :)
 I can not find the costume I wanted Noah to wear this year.
It must be in the hundred boxes I have yet to unpack in the garage?
But, he does have several others he likes to dress in but couldn't wear in Texas due to the heat.
I never know if he will like having a costume on or not until the very moment. lol
He likes to dress up but when he feels like it so we shall see how Monday night goes.
He has been watching Halloween shows and movies ( trying to get him in the mood) :)
I think we will have a lot of kids this year trick or treating?
We always buy a ton of candy and then only get a few kids. Our first year here so we will see how it goes. Joel wont be here so I will only take Noah to a few houses and then back home to hand out candy.
He loves having kids come to the door and giving them candy.
Hope your Halloween is wonderful!

Happy Saturday xo

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Jenny said...

Fun pic! I hope Noah enjoys dressing up this year! I can't wait to see what he wears!