Thursday, October 6, 2011

photo shoot - day 6

Had a photo shoot with Noah yesterday.  Well, I tried.
He was not happy to put clothes on with buttons or zippers.
He kept telling me, Come on and that he was sick. lol
Then he asked for everyone in my family back home in Texas and his boy cousin here in Ohio.
I think he thought they would come save him from having to get dressed.

So, when we got outside I told him to run and that made him happy.
He ran and ran and then wanted to climb the trees to look for Alvin.
He doesn't exactly pose or do what I want of him so I have to take a lot of photos.
If I get on my knees then so does he and we all start laughing that I can not get a good photo.
I did get a couple of good ones finally for his birthday photo so I am happy.
I love this boy!

Happy Thursday xo

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MaryAnne said...

I'm glad you got some good ones! My kids don't like to pose, either!

Kelly said...

you have have captured a great perspective of Noah...I think he's a cool dud! you can tell him I said that..Hope to meet Noah and mom someday!

Jenny said...

I don't like clothes with buttons and zippers either! LOL! Seriously, they are so not as comfy as lounge pants!

That's a cute pic!

Caroline said...

I love the point of view here! Such a sweet shot.