Tuesday, December 13, 2011

making merry and bright


had to go out and buy tiny Christmas brush trees since my are all packed away somewhere

I save jars because I think they are cute and will one day come in handy :)

We also bought fake snow and used some of Noah's little animals.
we used double sided tape to keep everything in place but you could use glue.

we had fun making these snow globes and Noah loves them. we have them all over the house.
and they are fun to look at and Noah loves playing with them.

shake, shake, shake lol

I love when he loves a craft/art project!

Happy Tuesday everyone xo


Jenny said...

Those are so cute and I just love Noah's little hands!

MaryAnne said...

Very cute, and I love that they were made using some of Noah's toys and that he loves them!

suelmayer said...

Great project and love all the photos!!

Coley said...

Great idea!! Might have to do that one next year.

I love it when my Noah loves projects too. For years and years he hated doing any type of craft project but lately he developed a hobby of painting. I love it!