Sunday, January 15, 2012

356+1 week 2

8. cleaning day.
9. bunting/flags/banners found in a car lot
10. dandelion in macro using lensbaby.
11. cypress bush with rain drops.
12. we got some snow. thought this guy looked neat riding by in the snow.
13. a found leaf in the snow
14. one of my iron pigs with wings and his shadow.

So far so good. I have remembered to take a photo each day.
day 14 I only took 2 photos but happy with the two I got.
I love this year started off on a Sunday and it makes it easy for me to keep in order for the week.
So each week is Sunday - Saturday.

This is my Second time to do a 365 and it feels a little different.
The first time I had no idea what I was getting myself into and had no expectations.
I learned a lot in that year. It was fun and so rewarding in the end.
This time around I feel like I want a "type" of photo but most days I am just home.
I guess everyday life is good to capture for my 365 :-)

Did I already tell you I'm doing a 365+1 with my iPhone too? I am and I"m crazy!

Have a great week everyone xo


Jenny said...

These are great! I love the banner at the car lot.

MaryAnne said...

I love the bike photo!