Sunday, January 22, 2012

365+1 week 3

day 15- We took a drive down town and I jumped out at a few places. They sky was really beautiful!
day 16- I took a photo walk in a little town near us. I love the old neighborhood and the big old homes.
day 17 - put some flowers in my Grandmothers vase to brighten the table.
day 18 - some reading and writing things I am thankful for each day.
day 19 - some snow falling on the back porch.
day 20 - found a little heart cloud in the sky!
day 21 - our church steeple. I never get tired photographing it.

Hope everyone had a great week!
Happy Sunday xo


Micayla said...

Thanks for the lovely comment. I cannot wait to see your album, with those fantanic photos youtake it will be stunning. However, I never knew you scrapbooked or are you doing some sort of photobook instead?

Jenny said...

These are great. I like the heart in the clouds!

MaryAnne said...