Tuesday, January 31, 2012

365+1 week 4

day 22- driving in the fog made for some wonderful photos.
day 23- Noah doing his daily dancing.
day 24- making photo cards. so relaxing to do.
day 25- little sock monkey that I find all over the house.
day 26- more rain...nothing new, it always rains here.
day 27- there was a huge amount of birds out back. I ran to get my cameras.
with the sky all grey it was hard to get a focus and only a few shots came out.
day 28- making the best of gray skies.

It was a great week.
I finally opened my Etsy store last week :)
So very exciting! Trying to learn my way around there.
It is exciting to check things off my goal list for the year.
Here is the link

Hope you had a happy Tuesday xo


Jenny said...

Great pics. Bummer about all of the rain.

Your shop is awesome! I stumbled it!

MaryAnne said...

Wonderful photos! That tiny sock monkey is adorable =)

Micayla said...

Congrats on the shop, I must go and check it out.
Great photos too, you do make with swoon with your nifty skills my dear.

Kelly said...

I just live that little monkey. And the grey day with the red bikes lights is so awesome.