Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Friday

Some Instagram photos from the week
I am taking a photography class so I am looking for color this week.
We drove to a near by car lot for photos of the flags.
thought the old car was pretty cool.
craving chocolate peanut butter cups :)
Noah and his art work. He loves to paint.
Me and Noah looking at flowers and getting movies.
I was excited to get my impossible package yesterday
with my new but old 600 Polaroid camera and film!
A book I am reading this week :)
We went to the park yesterday and I took my new Polaroid.
We walked around and then went to the docks to see the ducks.
Noah wouldn't get on the dock so I had him sit down on the benches.
I was on the dock taking photos between cameras and I hear something
and I turn to the dock next to me and it is Noah standing there.
I about died and my heart jumped out of my skin!
I didn't want to scare him and
so I just walked slowly off my dock onto his and got him by the hand.
I didn't want him to get all excited and jump off into the water or start dancing and fall off.
My heart still races just thinking about it.
We found a tree with a big hole and we had to look for the chipmonks.

I will need to experiment and learn how to use the Polaroid.
I took 3 photos and they look neat but not wonderful.
The film is expensive so it's kind of scary to ruin a photo.
But, I look forward to learning.

Happy Friday everyone xo


Jenny said...

Fun pics. Yikes about Noah on the dock, that would have scared me too. When we were in Florida, Abby would walk on the docks and it freaked me out each time!

Anne said...

Great photos.I love the different lighting in all of the photos.Those are sweet photos of Noah.I remember when my daughter was little.I was always afraid of her and water.Especially when she did not know how to swim...scary.

Deanna said...

Your blog makes me smile and cry both at the same time...bless you!!