Monday, April 23, 2012


 down town Dayton on the way to my ENT appointment

construction at the hospital next to my doctors office

I got pretty excited to finally find a Ginkgo tree. lol

I have seen so many beautiful photos on instagram with fall Ginkgo leaves.
Doesn't take much to make me happy :)

And me and my sweet Noah walking into the building.

I went to get allergy testing done. Yikes! I think I have allergies to everything.
I go back next week. I think they want me to do a shot every week.
Not sure I want to do that?
If I had to go every week that would get expensive with co pays, yikes.

Anyway, it was my third time to go to this office. The first two times I got lost.
So, all weekend I worried about how to get there
after someone on fb told me I was lost in a bad area and I just freaked out.
But, I am happy that we found our way just fine today and did not get lost!

Hope everyone had a great day!
Happy Monday xo

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Jenny said...

Fun pics! Yikes about the shots though. That would get pretty expensive.

I'm glad you didn't get lost!