Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Wednsday

Joel got home on Saturday and Noah has been so happy ever since and me too :)
We have been busy just being together.
Also, took Noah to the dr on Friday and he has a double ear infection.
Giving him ear drops twice a day has been a lot of work!
He is taking antibiotic by mouth very well, so thats been great.
He is still complaining of his ears hurting....Yikes.

We went shoe shopping yesterday and we all got a pair of shoes.
Joel running shoes, me red shoes and Noah tennis shoes.
We had planed to eat at Cheese Cake Factory for dinner but Noah had a cow walking in the door.
He started crying and saying he was sick and his ear hurt.
He cried last time we went there.
I think it being so dark in there freaks out his sensory issues?
So, we left and walked around till we found a small and quiet sandwich shop.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!
Had a great one. We ate early dinner at my sisters.
And then drove around taking photos of farms and then enjoyed ice cream cones.

Happy Wednsday xo


Jenny said...

That is such a precious picture!

The Cheescake Factory near us is always really loud! I can't stand that.

I'm glad you found someplace to eat :)

Rochelle said...

Love this photo! Glad Joel is home!