Monday, May 7, 2012


last week Noah and I went to buy some ferns, flowers and plants.
Noah had to have the gnome. He thinks its from the movie :)
He finally let me just put it outside on the front porch.

I took Noah to the little carnival on Saturday.
It was hot but he had a good time.
I will post more photos once I have time to work on them.
We waited for the super moon to show and it was awesome.
The best my iPhone can get. I also got it with my camera.
the moonlight was so bright it kept me up late.

We have so many clovers in the back yard since I have not mowed the lawn since Joel has been gone.
We had bunnies out there eating them up and Noah and I watched for every today.
It is hard for me to cut the grass alone with Noah.
So, I left a message with a lawn service to come and cut it this week.
But, I do think it looks pretty with all of these clovers and dandelions.

I got my first allergy shot today.
I am really hoping that it helps me feel better.
Wondering if Noah should do this too?

Well, Hope you had a wonderful Monday xo


Jenny said...

I hope the shots help you.

Funny about your grass, ours is so tall and we'd better cut it like soon. LOL! Your painted toes looks so cute with the clovers.

Noah looks like he had a great time at the carnival. I love the gnome he picked up.

The moon was cool the other night. It didn't seem that bright to me here though.

Caroline said...

I just adore that last photo and those blue toes!!! Sorry you have to get allergy shots :(