Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Friday

happiness found

It has been a busy week.
Looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

Happy Friday xo

Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Friday

summer is in the air
"summer is in the air"
I made the bunting with washi tape I picked up at Target.

We had a busy week.
Lots of time at the pool.
Editing photos and taking photos like crazy.
I got my new progressive glasses a few days ago.
I love them and can see to read now lol
Still waiting on Noah's glasses to come in.
Not sure what we will do this weekend?

Happy Friday xo 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

my loves
My two loves

Happy Father's Day

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer days

Noah loves every minute at the pool.
We bought him goggles this week and he stuck his head in the water to look.
That is so big! He will not stick his head in water so I think this is great!
He only did it a few times but we were so happy!
A huge section of the pool is 2 and 3 feet and he has all that room to walk
and pretend like he is swimming. He thinks if his hands are moving that he is swimming.
He has a blast and that is all that matters!

Happy Wednesday xo

Monday, June 11, 2012

the weekend

I took Noah for a haircut on Friday.
He cried but not too bad.
She didn't cut it short enough but oh well, she was good with him.
Then we went to lunch and to a thrift store.
When Joel got home he took Noah for a run.
Friday Night we took Noah to see Madagascar and he loved it.
After the movie we passed by our church and took a few photos of the festival.
Noah was not too happy so we left.

Saturday morning Joel ran a 5k at our church
and I got a few more photos of the festival with no people there.
We ate lunch out got home and later went to Mass.
After Mass I took more festival photos and Noah played some games before going home.

Sunday we went to the pool and relaxed.
I got this great old camera for $2 on Friday.
Took some photos of the peonies before they look too bad.
It was a great Summer weekend.

Wishing you a great week and a
Happy Monday xoxo

Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Friday

We found these cute tiny horses at Children's Hospital
when we went for Noah's eye appointment.
He only cried when they did the eye drops and was good for the exam.
So we went to the little store and I let him buy a few things.
He picked some horses. They are so cute!

He wont get his new glasses for a few weeks and they had to send them off
due to our insurance but they are cute and I hope work out nice for him.
His eyes seem to have gotten better and got a lower prescription.
He will go back in 6 months.
It took years for him to keep his glasses on.
We made so many weekly trips to get them replaced or fixed.
He has done wonderful the last two years and likes to wear them now.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and a
Happy Friday xo

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


 top photos from Monday.
I go get my allergy shot on Monday's
Me and Noah standing in mulch to get a foot shot.
He enjoys doing feet shots with me...makes me happy.
He loves riding the elevator at the Dr office and lets go of my hand as soon as we get on.
He stands on the wall away from me and just smiles.
He makes my heart happy!

And yesterday on our way to Trader Joe's our tire almost caught fire.
Something with the brake pad sticking and the tire is ready to blow up.
It was nice out and then it started getting cold and then raining. lol
Noah was a mess. He was so upset. He doesn't like things to be different from the norm.
The tow truck came and we all piled in and made it home safe.
Noah got a warm bath and was a happy boy.
As I type this Joel, my brother Walter and BIL Kenny are working on the car.

Wishing your week is wonderful!
Happy Wednesday xo

Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy June 1st

took this earlier today on the dinning room table.
It is cold and cloudy today around 57.
Feels like a fall day.

Boy, I have had a rough few weeks.
My computer crashed and the back up didn't back everything up.
Seems like the back up picked what it wanted to save?
All of 2012 is gone with only a few photos here and there.
Most of 2011 gone also and I have not even looked into the other years yet.
Noah's life our life from 2001 right before he was born have been digital images.
I know we have a few of the years on DVDs somewhere but the last few years nothing.
I am sick to lose our life photos, Noah's last birthday photo shoot gone.
All my work gone. All my edited photos gone.
All my actions, textures, scrapbook papers and such that I bought, gone.
Our home school stuff and records gone.
It makes me so ill to think of it or to even sit here at the computer.

We got a new computer and I need to figure it out.
And I need to figure a new way of saving everything for safe keeping.
I did some work last night but it feels so different to me now.
I guess it will take time to get back into the grove and feel comfortable?

Even though I am sick over this I know something good will come of this.
I just know it and have faith.
I guess I am starting over fresh and new?!
Excited for what is to come

If anyone has any ideas for me or would like to share how they save and back up their photos
I would be so happy to hear and learn more from you!!

Happy June and Happy Friday xoxo