Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy June 1st

took this earlier today on the dinning room table.
It is cold and cloudy today around 57.
Feels like a fall day.

Boy, I have had a rough few weeks.
My computer crashed and the back up didn't back everything up.
Seems like the back up picked what it wanted to save?
All of 2012 is gone with only a few photos here and there.
Most of 2011 gone also and I have not even looked into the other years yet.
Noah's life our life from 2001 right before he was born have been digital images.
I know we have a few of the years on DVDs somewhere but the last few years nothing.
I am sick to lose our life photos, Noah's last birthday photo shoot gone.
All my work gone. All my edited photos gone.
All my actions, textures, scrapbook papers and such that I bought, gone.
Our home school stuff and records gone.
It makes me so ill to think of it or to even sit here at the computer.

We got a new computer and I need to figure it out.
And I need to figure a new way of saving everything for safe keeping.
I did some work last night but it feels so different to me now.
I guess it will take time to get back into the grove and feel comfortable?

Even though I am sick over this I know something good will come of this.
I just know it and have faith.
I guess I am starting over fresh and new?!
Excited for what is to come

If anyone has any ideas for me or would like to share how they save and back up their photos
I would be so happy to hear and learn more from you!!

Happy June and Happy Friday xoxo


Jenny said...

I am so sorry, Beverly.

My husband is a computer analyst and is asking what kind of hard drive was on your old computer? He says look up data forensic companies and call the brand of the hard drive and ask how to get the stuff back. He said it could be $1,000 even, but it might be worth it.

He says to buy an external hard drive and start copying stuff to that. Then you have 2 copies, one on the computer and one on the hard drive. He has our stuff on 7 different hard drives. LOL!

Email me if you have any questions.

MaryAnne K said...

I am so sorry!

This happened to us a few years back, and ever since we have paid for carbonite, a program that backs everything up to an online server for safekeeping.