Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer days

Noah loves every minute at the pool.
We bought him goggles this week and he stuck his head in the water to look.
That is so big! He will not stick his head in water so I think this is great!
He only did it a few times but we were so happy!
A huge section of the pool is 2 and 3 feet and he has all that room to walk
and pretend like he is swimming. He thinks if his hands are moving that he is swimming.
He has a blast and that is all that matters!

Happy Wednesday xo


Jenny said...

This picture is just perfect! I love the colors and detail of the tape too.

I am so happy for Noah to overcome his fear of putting his head in the water, that IS big! WooHoo for Noah!

{Amy} said...

yay for Noah! that is huge and what an awesome thing that he loves the water. i absolutely love this picture so much, i think it should be in some kind of ad or something--for swimming or vacation or summer--something. pure bliss!

MaryAnne K said...

The pool sounds great! Fantastic picture - and so exciting that he is putting his head in the water to see with his new goggles!