Wednesday, June 6, 2012


 top photos from Monday.
I go get my allergy shot on Monday's
Me and Noah standing in mulch to get a foot shot.
He enjoys doing feet shots with me...makes me happy.
He loves riding the elevator at the Dr office and lets go of my hand as soon as we get on.
He stands on the wall away from me and just smiles.
He makes my heart happy!

And yesterday on our way to Trader Joe's our tire almost caught fire.
Something with the brake pad sticking and the tire is ready to blow up.
It was nice out and then it started getting cold and then raining. lol
Noah was a mess. He was so upset. He doesn't like things to be different from the norm.
The tow truck came and we all piled in and made it home safe.
Noah got a warm bath and was a happy boy.
As I type this Joel, my brother Walter and BIL Kenny are working on the car.

Wishing your week is wonderful!
Happy Wednesday xo


Anne said...

Glad that you and Noah are safe.How scary.Love those sweet photos of Noah.

Jenny said...

Good luck with the car! I hope it can be fixed easily. Poor Noah getting upset about it. I'm sure he was a bit scared.

I love your feet pics, they are always so cute!