Monday, June 11, 2012

the weekend

I took Noah for a haircut on Friday.
He cried but not too bad.
She didn't cut it short enough but oh well, she was good with him.
Then we went to lunch and to a thrift store.
When Joel got home he took Noah for a run.
Friday Night we took Noah to see Madagascar and he loved it.
After the movie we passed by our church and took a few photos of the festival.
Noah was not too happy so we left.

Saturday morning Joel ran a 5k at our church
and I got a few more photos of the festival with no people there.
We ate lunch out got home and later went to Mass.
After Mass I took more festival photos and Noah played some games before going home.

Sunday we went to the pool and relaxed.
I got this great old camera for $2 on Friday.
Took some photos of the peonies before they look too bad.
It was a great Summer weekend.

Wishing you a great week and a
Happy Monday xoxo


Rochelle said...

Love all your pictures! I don't always have time to comment but enjoy following your sweet little family!

Jenny said...

Wonderful pics! That last one of the peonies is my favorite. I love the colors!

Sabine said...

Lovely pictures, especially because of the similar colors. :)