Tuesday, September 4, 2012


 We found this cute little park with old log cabins.
Noah loved it. Every time we see some old house he think Shrek and Fiona live there.
So, he was looking and calling out for them and for donkey too.
It really was a sweet little place.
Just some photos from last week.
I will miss summer and pool days!
I can't seem to keep up with everything since school started.
I guess it will take me a while to get with the flow?
I have no idea what I was thinking but I joined several ecourses this fall. LOL
One started yesterday with Susannah Conway.
One starts today over at Brave Girls Art School.
One starts in two weeks over at Flying Lessons.
And the last one starts in late October over at Creatively Made Home.
I better learn how to keep up with it all.
Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend!
Happy Tuesday xo


Kelly said...

we want to do it all huh? I got overwhelmed with my e-courses too...i'm so behind and that doesn't make me feel very good.

Jenny said...

I always love your pics!

You will have so much fun with your ecourses!

Amber Rosie said...

I love the cabins...I Need to go there!

Amber Rosie said...

I love the cabins...I Need to go there!

suelmayer said...

Favorite pictures, pool photo and black/white side shot. Awesome!!