Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Friday

Happy Friday is here!
Tonight we will just be having leftovers (Mexican...chicken enchiladas, rice and beans).
Love when I don't have to plan dinner out and just have leftovers :)
Joel has decided he needs a desk for his laptop.
There is no room for him on my desk. So we plan to make a long desk along the wall for both of us.
Hope to tackle it this weekend. I have ideas in my head of something beautiful but no money for that :)
I keep my desk in the living room so I can work and be with Noah.
And maybe this will make me finally unpack the remaining boxes sitting in the corner next to my desk? I hope so! In our old home I had an office/school room and a very large old wooden school desk that kept a lot of stuff. Joel wouldn't bring it in the house when we got here so we have 6 boxes of office stuff ...oh well. I will be a busy girl this weekend and hope to find some creative time as well.
On a side anyone else getting a huge amount of spam comments?
I get at least 50 or more a day and its driving me crazy.
I have to sit and delete all of it in my emails and then come to blogger and delete them here.
If it continues I may turn off comments for a while. You can always email me with comments or questions.
What are your weekend plans?
Happy Friday Friends xo

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Jenny said...

Yes, I have been getting tons of spam comments. Are they being published to your post? Mine always get caught and are put in the spam section, so I do nothing. They don't post to the original post.