Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Sky Project

week 1
This year I am shooting the sky every day for the year with my iPhone.
Above is week one.
It will be my third year at a 365.
My first was in 2010.
And last year I did one with my iPhone and also did a self portrait one.
It feels strange not to have to take a photo of myself everyday now.
I am going to try doing a self portrait each week this year.
I mostly shoot my feet but I do have a few face ones from last year.
I wanted to do something with my camera and think I will do a year of Sundays.
So these are some of my projects I am doing so far this year, should keep me busy.
I also hope to do project life this year. I was doing great with it last year
but when my computer crashed and I lost everything back in May I gave up.
Are you doing any creative projects this year?
Please share if you are.
Happy Tuesday xo

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Kelly said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE..your sky project.