Friday, February 8, 2013


bubbles | like spring today
It was like a sweet spring day yesterday.
Noah and I enjoyed running and blowing bubbles.

mr funny
He thought it was funny to wear this mask after his bath last night.

the toy he picked out
I treated him to a toy today and this is what he picked and the hands that go with it.
Later looking at the fish he also picked a chipmunk dog chewy lol

the boy having fun
I guess he is into masks right now?

duty weekend
We took Joel to the airport for weekend duty.
Noah cried like heck.
He has been talking about Texas and everyone back home and airplanes
so I guess he thought we were all going today? Poor guy.
Noah and I found these cute pink heart marshmallows today.
I had planned to make some but awesome to find them made already :)
My treat for a long day and trying to stay awake and stay warm.
Wishing you a great weekend
and a
Happy Friday xo

1 comment:

Jenny said...

He is sure getting brace, that's a scary mask!

It must be so hard for Noah when Joel leaves. I know how much you all miss home.

Your treat sure looks delicious!