Monday, February 25, 2013

The Weekend

Noah got a talking gnome in the mail today. Thanks Aunt Lynda.

My sister Lynda sent Noah this cute talking gnome.
He was so happy.
He loves gnomes!


Noah on Sunday morning lol
No more pictures Mom!

the boy

Kick ball before the sun set on Sunday.
After ball we drove to the park so I could get some photos.

me 2012
I finally put my 2012 year of  SP together.
Even though it is my second year to do this, it is still very painful to do.
Last year I did a photo a day but didn't post many in public.
This year I am doing one a week with my iPhone and posting them.
Hope one day they will not be so hard to do.
On the 40 bags happenings I am up to 24 bags so far.
It has slowed down a bit but I am still going and so much more to do.
Have a great week and
Happy Monday xo

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