Monday, June 10, 2013

the weekend

Noah having some fun during our yard sale on Saturday.
He enjoyed people watching.

we were up early to pull everything out for the yard sale.
The garage was floor to ceiling of boxes all the way to the front of the garage door!
I still can not believe we unpacked it all finally...two years later.
I did get the rest of those boxes in the back unpacked during the sale.
All those boxes in the back where things we had in storage, our holiday items and such.
It is nice to finally have unpacked and now to put it away.

It was so much work and my back is killing me but I am happy it is done.
Now to take what is left over from the sale and take to Goodwill.
I will most likely get rid of more things as I start to put things away.
We will not have room for all the things.

We made it to Mass on time after closing our sale.
This weekend was our church festival.
I love all the bunting they put up and twinkle lights.

We walked around for about 10 minutes and Noah was ready to leave. LOL
We were all tired and hungry so we left.

More rain on Sunday as we drove around thinking of a place to eat dinner.

I asked Joel to drive me by the festival so I could get some photos since I didn't have many on Sat.
I walked around for a few shots.
Happy I got at least a few :)

It was a great weekend.
I am happy all that unpacking is over with.
Now to put everything in it's place and that might take me forever :)

Now to work on Noah's 5th grade testing and his curriculum for next year.

Happy Monday xo

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