Wednesday, June 26, 2013


love this tree
I love the tree out front this time of year.
The colors are amazing. I could stare at it all day.

waiting.  Complaining of ear and tummy pain.
He was complaining of ear and stomach aches the last few days.
So, we went to the Dr yesterday but all checked out fine.
Some times It is hard not to know what is going on or what's wrong
and him not able to communicate to us better.

shadow dancing
He and I love shadow dancing.
Ever since he was little he just loved his shadow.

the boys
We go every night to the pool.
It was been fun and we all enjoy relaxing.
Trying our best to get him to do more things in the pool.
I know one day he will be ready to swim and put his head in the water!

Excited my Dad is in town for a few days.
Going to my sister's for dinner tonight and enjoy being with my Dad while he is here.

Happy Wednesday xo

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Kelly said...

So glad Noah is ok...I adore your photos...