Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Friday

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I have been so confused this week of what day it is.
Then yesterday Joel turned his alarm off thinking it was the weekend and was late to work.
I guess we both are confused lol

We found a new place to lease and sign the lease today.
It will still be base housing but in a different area and a different county.
We now live in a 3 bedroom, 3 bath and will be moving to a 2 bedroom 1 bath.
It will take some adjustment but it should be fine.
With this dumb sequestration we need to move to a cheaper place and save money.
Plus, Noah has developed a fear of the stairs the last few months.
It's very sad to see and breaks my heart.
So the new place is a one level house and he will be so happy to have a run of the place.
I just hope we find room for all we need in the smaller space.
Like all our school stuff, crafts, business stuff...
I dread packing up again and unpacking and hope it won't take me 2 1/2 years to unpack.
I look forward to all the trees that surround the new place and the fenced yard.
I have a little over a month to get ready.

Happy Weekend!
Happy Friday xo

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Kelly said...

The military is still a good use to be better...but I can only imagine your days packing and unpacking. Good luck on the move...and Hope Noah takes to the new house super fast.