Monday, July 15, 2013

the weekend

the sky project: day 193
the sunset on Friday night
it was beautiful
Recently Updated30
a new love design I worked on this weekend
I love when I get to make new designs with new colors

Happy Saturday
Noah and I picked up some flowers on Friday
They make me happy
the sky project: day 194
one our way to Mass on Saturday night
bird made me happy
Happy Sunday
Queen Anne's Lace at my sisters house
love wild flowers
being lazy on Sunday and having fun
always with his Scooby 
Sitting in his baby Moses basket. He's too funny.
I pulled out his baby Moses basket to give to my niece and he jumped in it
first he tired to lay down and then he got his bat and started to row the boat.
He makes me laugh
daisies. circles #julyphotochallengefpoe #fpoe #vscocam
a wild field of daisies where Noah gets therapy
oh, how they make me happy'
the sky project: day 195
on the way to my sister's yesterday
They skies here are pretty great just about everyday
they also make me happy
I guess it doesn't take much to make me happy :)

Happy Monday xo

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