Monday, September 9, 2013

Life With Noah

last day at the pool

From the last day at the pool.
He sure will miss it.
I hope to get him back into some lessons this fall/winter.

He handed me his glasses last night with the lens missing.
It has been years since this has happened.
I hope it is the last time.
He had them all twisted and it seems the screw is missing so the lens came out.
Must go today and have them fixed.
He new glasses should be in any day now.

I have been so busy that I never get to edit photos from my camera anymore.
So, it was really nice to do a few the other day. 
I am way behind on editing photos.
Hopefully after the move I can get a lot done :)

Happy Monday xo

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Kelly said...

ohhh my word this is the most adorable shot...and the pool bokeh!!!