Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Noah

my sweet onemy happy camper | asking him to smile for his birthday photos lol | and then we ran to the car to get away from all the bugs
we found a new park with a lake last week. I wanted to get some photos for his birthday.
He was not in the mood. 
We were covered in bugs the moment we got out of the car. So we took a few shots and ran to the car and left.

Noah with cousin Chloe and Luke
We had the family birthday party on Sunday for him.
He loves being with his cousins. He had such a great time.

Happy 12th Birthday Noah! We love you to the moon.
I took this last Friday leaving his ENT appointment at Children's Hospital. 
He was all smiles and happy.

I can't believe he is 12 already. The time has flown by.
I am thankful that I get to enjoy every moment with him here at home.

Happy Wednesday xo

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